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I wasn't expecting it to be so welcoming. So it was much better than I expected. I liked getting to know a local and hear Nicole's stories of growing up and living in Namur.
Yvonne - 24-05-2013
Greeter: Nicole

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The Greeters of Namur welcome you in the Valley Country!

You are an inhabitant of visitor, and you wish to :

- Discover the Province of Namur from the inside, off the beaten path?
- Learn to better appreciate its soul and the warmth of its inhabitants?
- Experience a relaxing and convivial moment, while enjoying small anecdotes or great stories?
- Have a new, unique, and authentic experience which is adapted to your expectations?

You can meet a “Greeter” of Namur and enjoy a guided tour through our towns and cities… in another way!

You will be able to enjoy an encounter, a walk of which the programme is adapted to your expectations, abilities and availabilities. The “Greeter” will show you around his/her entity (city or village), often an uncommon place which is out of the ordinary, while telling you more about his/her life, an anecdote, a legend, etc. The visit is a unique and unforgettable moment, which will leave everyone with incredible memories!


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